Bottle Holders

Vertical cylinder pouch or bottle holder is a great accessory for carrying a water bottle and have it handy at the stops. It could also be used for small tools, bandana, glasses or any other small items. There are two versions available - with or without a top lid. Our cylinder pouch or bottle holder is designed to be mounter primarily on the or engine guard (highway bar, crash bar) with straps and holds a standard 500ml (16oz) plastic water bottle. There are two slots for the straps on the back. You can use them both to mount the bottle holder to the engine guard bar, or just one. You have 3 mounting options that would give you different angles. If you use the same one slot for both straps - you can face the bottle holder to the front or slightly to the side. For the thin bars it is recommended to use one slot, for thick bars - both slots. If you use the left slot for one strap and the right slot for the second strap, your bottle holder will mounted slightly angled.
This bottle holder is a part of the "Bonecrusher" custom set
This bottle holder is part of the
"Jackpot" custom set

Standalone bottle holder.
Available for sale on Etsy

Customer's photo of the bottle holder
on the  handlebar riser.