How it works

Some of our customers live far away and it is not always convenient for them to come to Bolton. Therefore, we can make certain motorcycle accessories, such as fender bibs, tank panels, tool-bags, swing-arm bags, fork wraps, and bikers accessories, "remotely". You only come to pick them up when they are ready, or they could be shipped, if the distance is too long to ride. All our work is done in constant communication with the client. The most convenient way of communication is e-mail. On the example of our recent work with the client from the Niagara region, we would like to show you how this works in 5 simple steps.
Step 1 - you contact us and describe your idea. You can send us a draft sketch of your imagination of the future accessory or just describe it in your own words. You do not have to have any artistic skills. We will interpret your idea  and turn this into this:

Step 2 - we ask you for measurements that we indicate on our sketch.

Step 3 - we send you different options for the elements of your design. You choose one of them and let us know. 

Step 4 - we carefully discuss every aspect of your accessory, such as final design, material, and color as well as our financial rewards, your method of payment, and any additional cost involved, like shipping cost. You make your final decision, sign a service agreement, and we start working on the project. If you have your own finishings like studs, conchos, badges or other accessories you would like us to use, you ship them to us. During the process we may contact you again to verify specific details.

Step 5 - all done! Hooray! We contact you with good news and you get what you wished for, and we get rewarded with money and your satisfaction.