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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

For those who inquire about the prices and think that they are high, we created this page to explain a correlation between the dollars you’d pay for your custom one-of-a-kind product and techniques, quality and the final result.

Every project starts from communication between you and us. You describe your idea, we reply to you what could be done and how. We exchange several e-mails until we fully understand what you would like to see on the final product. When we get an idea, we send you one-two draft sketches of the project and the estimated price. All this is free of charge, and you have no obligations to continue. We just trust that you follow the copyright law and do not take our sketch to another provider, as what we've made for you is automatically protected by the copyright law.

If you would be interested to proceed with your order, we would require a small deposit from you. You can use the Etsy listing to pay or we could send you a PayPal invoice. When we receive your payment, we will send you detailed sketches and our service contract. If, after receiving the detailed sketches, for your personal reasons you decide to cancel your order, your deposit will not be refunded. Although we believe in honesty and integrity, unfortunately, we had cases when after a long discussion, design development, and sketch making, customers would disappear with fully developed design and good quality sketches. We do not know if they took them to another provider or just changed their minds, but we feel that our time that was spent on the design development is part of the project. Therefore, if you take a part of your custom project with you, it should be paid off. So, we keep your deposit as payment for the design development part of our work. If at any time you decide to come back and proceed with your order, that deposit will be credited toward the price of the project. If you continue working with us, that first installment is part of the project’s total.

So why we charge more for our products than mass-makers of the motorcycle accessories?
The simple answer is because it is totally 100% custom one-of-a-kind accessory.

We make an individual template for each project. Every bag may have a different size or shape customized to your needs. We make an individual template for the art part.
We select color leather and sometime purchase a hide just to make your project, and that hide may stuck in our inventory for a long time, until someone asks for the same color. Except seat covers, we make all stitches by hand. But if there is a leather appliqué on the seat, that part, in most cases, is also done by hand stitching. What is the difference between machine stitching and hand stitching? It is similar to the difference between the printed art picture and the original painting.

The pictures below represent some steps of the bag making process.

We skive and burnish all edges. We make a groove for the stitches. And then make every hole by hand using the round awl. Most of the leather makers use diamond shape punchers. It speeds up a process of the hole-making, however the holes are bigger than from the round awl and the thread would not fill it completely, and therefore water may still find its way to the bag. With our method we guarantee that the round hole will be completely sealed by the nylon thread and moisture will not get into your bag. When all preparation is done the bag’s “skeleton” is assembled by the two-needle method.

After that, we make a top flap and start making the first fitting of the art part. Sometime we may need to adjust it, so we will contact you to inform about slight changes that we are planning to make.

Than we make a final template for the appliqué part or create a tooled element and start assembling the main bag's part.

In all our bags we use the plastic lining. Thicker plastic is used for the back side of the swing-arm or saddlebag for the safe mounting. Thinner plastic is used for all other sides and in fork tool-bags. Leather has tendency to sag over time, and we are sure you have seen this before, especially on saddlebag tops, or swing-arm sides. Plastic helps to keep the structural integrity of our bags for a long time.

So here is a brief summary of work that will be done by us, and if you still think that we “charge a lot”, we suggest you to purchase from the mass makers not one-of-a-kind, but one-of-many. You might be satisfied by their quality during the first riding season. If you ever change your mind, come back and read all this again. We will always be happy to assist you and create something very unique for you.

Please read our customers’ feedback. They are all real. We do not post any fake messages as some pages do.


Anna & Alex

Taurus Custom Motorcycle Seat Covers.