"Jackpot" Custom Set for Victory Vegas 8 Ball Motorcycle

This custom handcrafted set, containing a swing-arm bag, a fork bag, a bottle holder, and a custom seat was made with close collaboration with our dear customer from Florida for his Victory Vegas 8 Ball motorcycle. The right-side swing-arm bag will be used on the left side of his motorcycle. The fork bag was challenging to make due to the short distance between the headlight and the front fender, therefore its diameter is only 3.5". The seat was slightly raised with an additional 1'" layer of foam that made it more comfortable for the long rides. All pieces are united with some common elements. It was a difficult but at the same time very interesting project. We are very pleased with the outcome. All three bags are unique, one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated. A custom seat adds a staggering look to the Victory Vegas 8 Ball Motorcycle.
"Jackpot" custom seat for
Victory Vegas 8 Ball 








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